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Whether you’re an experienced, seasoned Realtor® or new to the real estate industry, eHomes Realty wants you on our Team.

Traditionally in real estate, you’re only as good as your last deal. At eHomes Realty, we want to change that. As well, Realtors® don’t have a pension to rely on like so many other professions. At eHomes Realty, we want to change that too.

We have developed a solution to both of these problems.

We are eHomes Realty, a fast growing Real Estate Brokerage with an exciting new concept that is revolutionizing the real estate industry.

Introducing our unique 7-7-7 Profit Sharing Program!

eHomes Realty is extremely pleased to be the only real estate brokerage with a 7-7-7 Profit Sharing Program. We developed this unique program so that our Realtors® can build their team and make more money for years to come. Our 7-7-7 Profit Sharing Program is an excellent way to create an additional stream of income for our Realtors®.

Here’s how it works:

As an eHomes Realty Realtor®, when you refer or introduce another Realtor® to the eHomes Team, you receive 7% of the commissions to the office generated by that new Realtor® for as long as they are with the company. If this new Realtor® refers more Realtors®, you receive 7% of the commissions to the office generated by those new Realtors®. And if those Realtors® refer more Realtors®, you receive 7% of the commissions to the office generated by those new Realtors® as well. This is our 7-7-7 Triple Level Profit Sharing Program. We call this our Power Network because 100% of the Profit Sharing Bonuses are paid by the brokerage, not by the Realtors®. At eHomes Realty, we are committed to paying out a maximum of 21% of commissions to the office as Profit Sharing Bonuses to our Realtors®.

Even when you decide to retire, this incredible program will pay you as your team continues to sell. It’s basically a pension for Realtors®.

Ultra Low Quota

eHomes Realty is pleased to offer our Realtors® an Ultra Low Commission Quota so that they reach the 90/10 split faster and make more money. At eHomes, our quota is only $8,000. As well, until you meet your quota, your commission split is 70-30.

With our incredible 7-7-7 Profit Sharing Program, Ultra Low Quota and Variable Commission, eHomes Realty is changing the real estate industry as we know it.

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To find out more information about the benefits of becoming a part of the eHomes team, contact any one of our Realtors® or click here for more details.