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Tips to Sell Your Home

Consider the following tips to help sell your home quickly, at the best possible price:


1. Consider Renovation. Though not a necessity, certain renovations, such as a new
kitchen, bathroom or professional landscaping may be the determining factor that sells your home. As the old saying goes: “kitchen and bathrooms sell the home.”

2.You Never Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression. As this is true, make sure your home’s front door is clean and fresh looking. Paint or replace the door if necessary. Also keep lawn trimmed, yard clear and the home’s walkways clear of snow and ice.

3. Decorate For A Quick Sale. Faded walls and worn woodwork significantly reduce your home’s appeal. A new coat of paint is an inexpensive way to increase your home’s value. As well, caulking the gaps between your walls and trim makes a huge difference.

4. Let The Sunshine In. Open curtains and draperies to show visitors how bright and cheerful your home can be. Dark rooms can seem both small and depressing.

5. Sweat The Small Stuff. Dripping faucets, loose knobs, sticking windows and other minor flaws are often more visible than you think. Take the time to make these small repairs.

6. From Top To Bottom. Display the full value of your home including attic, basement and garage by removing all unnecessary articles. De-clutter.

7. Keep Stairways Clear. Cluttered staircases appear messy and detract from your home’s appeal. They’re also unsafe.

8. Make Closets Look Bigger. Neat, uncluttered closets show that the space is ample. Buyers love closet organizers.

9. The Importance Of A Bathroom. Beautiful bathrooms will help sell your home.
Make this room sparkle. Empty the garbage pail and lower the toilet lid for showings.

10. Tub Terrific. Apply a fresh, new bead of caulking around the tub surround.

11. Make Bedrooms Inviting. Remove excess furniture and use attractive bedspeads and curtains.

12. Let There Be Light. Proper illumination is like a welcome sign and very encouraging to the potential buyer. Use higher watt bulbs.

13. Keep It Quiet. Turn off the television. Use soft, mellow music to set a relaxed mood.

14. Don’t Forget Your Four-Legged Friends. Keep pets out of the home while potential buyers are visiting. Many prospects are afraid of or allergic to pets, and will not be able to properly consider your home if they are present.

15. Make Your Kitchen Sparkle. Bare countertops show better than cluttered ones.
Remove fridge magnets & kid’s artwork. Dry your stainless steel sink to make it sparkle.

16. Cobwebs Be Gone. Remove any cobwebs that cling to light fixtures and stucco ceilings.

17. Not A Garage Sale. Trying to dispose of furniture and furnishing to the potential buyer before he/she has purchased the home often overwhelms and scares the buyer.

18. Personal Pictures. Put away personal pictures. Potential buyers have a more difficult time ‘picturing’ themselves in your home with your pictures.

19. Stay In The Background. Your REALTOR® can emphasize the features and benefits of your home on their own. Avoid tagging along; you will be called if you’re needed.

20. Clean, Clean And Clean Some More! There’s nothing worse than showing a dirty home.

Bill Stobbe

Born and raised in Owen Sound, Bill spent nine years in Toronto working in the advertising and marketing industry. In 1998, Bill returned to his roots to be close to family and to raise his own family. Bill has been helping his valued clients buy and sell real estate since 2003 and has been a consistent top producer in the office. In 2012, Bill left his previous brokerage and started eHomes Realty to address the needs of the ever-changing real estate industry. eHomes Realty is a fast growing, full service brokerage that embraces the latest technologies to streamline the real estate process and in turn, provide relief to sellers with lower commissions. At eHomes Realty, commissions are as low as 3.79%. The real estate industry is changing and eHomes Realty is leading the way. For honest, friendly service, give Bill a call for all of your real estate needs.

Bill Stobbe, Broker of Record

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