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Want to Refinance Your Mortgage?

“Did you know”

Did you know that refinancing your home does not have to involve breaking your current mortgage and paying a penalty?  I’ve had several clients this year want to consolidate debts that they just can’t seem to get rid of, however, their own bank told them that to refinance they’d have to break their existing mortgage (specifically if it is a variable), pay a penalty and re-do the whole thing at today’s rate.  This is not necessarily the case.  I have 2 different lenders that I use frequently who will do a 2nd mortgage at 1stmortgage rates!  That’s right, they’ll allow a 2nd mortgage behind another bank’s 1st mortgage, up to 80% of the value of the home, at the same rate they would charge on a 1st mortgage.  I used this more than once to pay off high interest rate credit cards, car loans and other types of debt that were causing clients to drown in debt payments.  If you, or any of your clients would like more information please contact me.  Remember, you’re not adding more debt, you’re restructuring the debt you currently have.

Brian Mill
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Bill Stobbe

Born and raised in Owen Sound, Bill spent nine years in Toronto working in the advertising and marketing industry. In 1998, Bill returned to his roots to be close to family and to raise his own family. Bill has been helping his valued clients buy and sell real estate since 2003 and has been a consistent top producer in the office. In 2012, Bill left his previous brokerage and started eHomes Realty to address the needs of the ever-changing real estate industry. eHomes Realty is a fast growing, full service brokerage that embraces the latest technologies to streamline the real estate process and in turn, provide relief to sellers with lower commissions. At eHomes Realty, commissions are as low as 3.79%. The real estate industry is changing and eHomes Realty is leading the way. For honest, friendly service, give Bill a call for all of your real estate needs.

Bill Stobbe, Broker of Record

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